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“Born from a team of professional video game artists, CGBot has evolved into a revered one-stop art and coding outsourcing studio focused on delivering high quality digital content solutions. Based in Austin, Texas with production in Mexico, we have the advantage of being in the same time zone… and our rates are competitive with other overseas outsourcers.”

Sergio Rosas  Creative Director, CGbot

Our Work

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Digital Media

CGBot is a complete video game art outsourcing studio that draws from the most gifted visionaries to deliver optimum content for console, social and mobile games and applications.

Web Design

CGBot leverages it’s video game art and UI expertise to start a new web design team. Who knew video game artists could create amazing looking sites?

Interface Design

Video games have to be fun.  Interfaces have to be usable.  Our UI team has formed around the requirement of making internal tools that artists will use.

Mobile Development

CGBot offers a video game twist, enhancing Mobile Business and Marketing Solutions to empower your organization with engaging game industry techniques.

Web Development

We design business critical systems that are fun to use and easy on the eyes. Gameification is what you get when you combine a business systems expert with a game development expert.

Enterprise Solutions

We are the only Sharepoint experts that are also Video Game Designers. Imagine Sharepoint with a fun interface!

"The team at CGBot are skilled, agile, and have a high bar for quality. Their techniques for managing client needs make them an ideal choice for large projects looking to farm out technically complex artwork. Their location in North America makes them much easier to work with than many houses in more far flung parts of the world. Need for Speed Undercover benefitted from CGBot's skills with modeling and world building, and I would recommend them without hesitation to any team that needs quality, flexibility, and superb leadership to help hit aggressive dates."

− Tim Fields, Executive Producer, Need For Speed Team | Electronic Arts

"Total Immersion really enjoyed working with CGBot. They provided us with high-quality art for our
military simulation projects in a timely manner."

− Chris Yesh, Design Manager | Total Immersion Systems

"CGBot developed a breakthrough mobile solution on our project for Johnson & Johnson. Their mobile app development team is professional and highly creative. It was a pleasure to work with Matt Schoen and his team. I highly recommend CGBot for mobile app and game development."

− Stephen Curran, President | PRISM Marketing Partners

"We used the services of CGBot in 2008 on what was a very tough project on a tight deadline. Sergio and his team were very professional throughout. The planning and communication from Sergio was very impressive and helped us greatly being on different continents. Given the opportunity we will definitely be looking to work with CGBot in the future."

− Phil Bradley, Production Manager | Exient

"CGBot is working with us to re-develop our public site and our internal employee site on SharePoint. They have been excellent to work with and the projects have been extremely successful to date. I can’t say enough about the quality of their staff and the work they produce. Excellent!"

− Lynn French, Development Manager | LCRA

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Why do we do what we do?

Our mission is to bring our team the opportunity to master skills within creative industries so they can develop happy and productive careers doing something they love.

How do we accomplish it?

By creating a safe, comfortable and productive environment of constant learning and challenge that will encourage mastery of creative skills flourish.

What do we create?

We use our mastery of the creative process to create world-class art, digital media , software and games for our partners’ products.

Sound Good?

Join us, we are always looking for talent at all levels of polish, as well as partners that need help putting playful and professional execution into their ideas.

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Concept Stylized

CGBOT es una empresa de arte 3D con amplia experiencia profesional y producción interna para videojuegos. Con base en Austin,TX, y un estudio de producción en Monterrey, México.   ¡En....

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CGBot has a team of creative talent that you can depend on even in the tightest of schedules. From Coding Wizards to 2D Paladins to 3D Rangers.


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